Bead Easy -Workstation Solution, Bead Organizer,

Bead Easy is a revolutionary, Patent Pending, invention designed by Glenda Paunonen to keep your beads sorted and organized while beading and provides easy clean up and mobility.  Glenda has been a designer, teacher, beader for over 32 years and put attention in every detail of this system. No More bead soup on the mat.  Palette easily moves from one room to the next.  The cups are magnet and stay on the board, and yet can move around making it easier to pick up beads. The cups were designed to be the perfect height, and diameter to allow easy pick up. Feels just like working on the mat. Surface on the bottom of the cups allows beads to sit with the hole facing up. Great for working with patterns using 5-30-80 bead colors.  Works with identifiers such as A-Z or delica bead numbers.  This will become your most useful tool for beading!

See Beads Gone Wild YouTube for a video, and see Glenda Flath Paunonen face book page for more on using this system.

The Economy  has 10 individual movable magnetic cups, a magnetic board by Loran, a needle magnet, and spoon.  $48.00

The Proincludes 20 individual movable magnetic bead cups, magnetic board by Loran. Small spoon, needle magnet, small shovel for clean up, carry pouch, and letter set.  $98.00

The Starterhas 10 individual movable cups, A magnetic board by Loran, carry pouch, shovel, spoon and letter set.  $66.00

The Traveler - NEW has 5 individual movable magnetic cups, 3.5"x 8" stainless magnetic board, Mini Design Save n Go case 9'x6", Shovel, Letter Set, Little Spoon, Needle Magnetic, Carry pouch.  $69.00

  Cups and bag Made in USA. This is a bead organization tray that you will use for every beading project. Large or small. Works with identifiers such as A-Z or bead numbers.

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