Jeweled Locket Bead Weaving Kit

The Jeweled Locket necklace actually opens to reveal a 12mm resin photo, or other 12mm item such as cab or rivoli. What will you put in your locket? Make this timeless necklace using circular flat peyote with a 20" herringbone strap, and place your own 12mm resin photo or any other trinkets inside. Kit includes everything you need including needles and thread as well as step by step detailed instructions. If you need extra length for the strap let us know and we will get you a price.

The single is a top and Bottom that opens, includes a Herringbone rope

The Triple is 3 top pieces and a bottom that opens and includes a flat rope.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Technique: Circular Flat Peyote, Flat Peyote, Herringbone, Embellishment
Type: Necklace