Message Keeper Earrings Bead Weaving Kit

If you know odd count peyote great, if not, learn it here with these step by step instructions. As part of our learning bead-weaving while you create course this project is considered the 2nd step in the peyote curriculum, after flat peyote. Using Odd count peyote, (one two and three drop) create a tube that can hold secret messages just for you! Earring includes gold filled ear wires, wire, and headpins Japanese beads, and Crystals. Round nose pliers, and cutters, not included in the kit, will be needed to complete the design (wrapping a head pin and making a loop with the wire). Finished length is 2 inches from bottom of ear wire to bottom of drop.

Skill Level: Beginner-intermediate
Technique: Odd Count One, Two, Three Drop Peyote
Type: Earrings