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Glass Grab Bag 10-18

  • $ 3735
  • List Price: $ 49.80

We had fun collecting colors and shapes that we thought would be fun to work with. We picked these off the wall and checked the price. If it totaled under 49.99 or under we applied a 25% discount. If the total added to 50.oo or more We took a 30% discount. Most of the beads are Czech, some could be vintage. I tried to edit to their exact color, however understand that all monitors are different. If there is a bead you like and want more of... let us know we may have it. Make bracelets, multi bead necklaces, use for embroidery, fringe, with beaded beads, wire wrapped like my Hippie Days, the possibilities are endless. If you need to know a size on a bead let us know we will measure for you. Enjoy!

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