Mini Windows of Sainte Chapelle Bracelet Bead Weaving Kit

Enjoy this new size variation of Beads Gone Wildsfamous Windows of St.Chapellebracelet. Using the smaller oval Brilliance crystals youll be able to get the same effect of colorful gems peeking through golden Gothic windows. Made to resemble 13th century stained glass, this piece looks and feels like fine jewelry. Kit includes a gold filled or sterling silver clasp, excellent quality cylinder beads, Brilliance crystals, plus everything else needed to create this beautiful mini version, including needles and thread. **Finished length is 7.25 inches, and if you need extra length we have extenders. Each extender adds one inch.

Skill Level: Advanced
Technique: Circular Flat Peyote, Odd Count Peyote, Right Angle Weave
Type: Bracelet