Flaming Jewels Bracelet Bead Weaving Kit

High in the Himalayas you will see Tibetan Prayer flags which are used to bless the surrounding countryside. Traditionally the flags came in sets of five colors; Blue, white, red, green and yellow to represent the elements. The center flag featured a Lung ta (strong horse) bearing three flaming jewels which symbolize Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings), and the Sangha (Buddhist community). Ta is a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad fortune to good fortune. Make your own personalized bracelet choosing meaningful colors to symbolize and enhance your life. This bracelet uses flat circular peyote with increases, stitching in the ditch, tubular peyote bezel, and connecting stitches. The All Gold Version has only gold on the backs of the squares, with multi color stones. Instructions include Pendant/ Earring components (Supplies not included in bracelet kit). Kit Makes 7.5" x .75" bracelet. *For longer bracelets up to 9", see the 1122 rivoli and 11/o Delica selection.

Skill Level:Intermediate
Technique:Flat Circular Peyote Squares, Peyote Bezel,